MIC041 Beneath Usual  "Hanging Over"
Release date : 07 June 2021

Beneath Usual is back on Microdrive with three news fresh originals tracks for the summer !

MIC040 Rob Duke  "Signal"
Release date : 05 April 2021

A brand new fresh Ep by Rob Duke with three original tracks dedicate to the underground minimal house lovers ! The perfect combo in between groove, fat bass line and hypnotic sounds.

MIC039 Sascha Sonido  "No turn back"
featuring remix by Beneath Usual and Max Cohle
Release date : 03 March 2021

Sascha Sonido is back on Microdrive with a special EP including two remix from Beneath Usual and Max Cohle. 

MIC038 Beneath Usual & Max Cohle  "Hunch"
Release date : 03 February 2021

This is the third collaboration of this good friends duo Beneath Usual and Max Cohle.
Delivering us two fresh original tracks totally dedicate to the minimalist and melodic house music style, surrounded by hypnotic melodic pads with great dub influences.

MIC037 Max Cohle  "Timeless"
Release date : 06 January 2021

This new Microdrive years starting perfectly with a brand new Ep from Max Cohle delivering us three originals fresh tracks !! A great combo in between groove, minimalism and melodies !
The perfect vehicle to drive you all the way to the next level of Deep minimal house music. 

MIC036 M.A. "Sundaze"
including remix from Max Cohle & Henry Sure 
Release date : 01 December 2020

Microdrive is happy to present the new M.A. release. Two hots and exclusive tracks featuring two remix by Max Cohle and Henry Sure.
A great EP dedicate to some very groovy and funky energy with tight Chords and leads surrounded by deep dub hypnotic atmosphere. Enjoy the ride.

MIC035 Beneath Usual "Air Bounce"
Release date : 02 November 2020

Beneath Usual is back on Microdrive with a brand new fresh EP with three original tracks.

MIC034 Sascha Sonido "Around me"
Release date : 05 October 2020

Microdrive presenting a brand new fresh EP by Sascha Sonido (Germany). A very talented and well established artist on the scene. After some successful collaboration with great label like Cyclic records, Playgroove recordings and many others is delivering us threes new fresh tracks specially dedicated to fat rolling bass line with tight driven groove surrounded by deep sounds with some nice dub influence !

MIC033 Dave martins "Red Sky"
featuring Walter Albini remix.
Release date : 01 September 2020

Microdrive is happy to introduce Dave Martins and Walter Albini for this new release.

Two great producer coming from Switzerland delivering us a nice Ep dedicate to minimalist and powerful groove surrounded with refreshing riff and melodies.

MIC032 Rob Duke "Paradise"
Release date : 03 August 2020

Rob Duke is back on Microdrive with three fresh originals new tracks !
All dedicate to the deep and funky groove with fat bass line and hypnotic surrounding sounds.
Have a great ride with the Duke !

MIC031 Max Cohle and Maarek & Stasiak "First Contact"
Release date : 07 July 2020

On this new EP, Max Cohle is back with two guest, the Parisian duo Maarek & Stasiak. 

They purpose three fresh original track dedicated to the dance floor and the great mood

Be Ready for this hypnotic and funky 'First contact' !?

MIC029 Beneath usual & M.A.  "Anything and Everything"
Including remix by Mihai Popoviciu
Release date : 04 May 2020

The solid duo Beneath Usual and M.A. is back on Microdrive for a fresh kickass new EP, including a remix from the great Romanian artist and also the Cycllic records label manager; Mihai Popoviciu. This all release is fully dedicate to fat rolling groove surrounded by deep and funky bass line.

MIC028 Max Cohle  "Cabaret"
Release date : 02 April 20120

Max Cohle is back on Microdrive with a new fresh EP.

Three new original tracks dedicate to sweet funky groove and massive rolling bass line.

Great percussion and drums surrounded by deep chords and sweet analog melodies.

The perfect set for some high pumping dancefloors experience.

MIC027 Rob Duke  "Growling Tones"
Release date : 02 March 20120

Rob Duke is back on Microdrive, delivering us three new fresh originals tracks.
A great journey into the multiface universe of the Duke mixing up fatness, groove and hypnotic sounds.
Enjoy the ride.

MIC026 Beneath Usual & Max Cohle  "Pumper"
Release date : 03 February 2020

The perfect start for a fresh new year with a great combo by Beneath Usual and Max Cohle.
A fresh two tracks EP specially dedicate to some fat groove and pumping bass line surrounded by tricky and funky sound.
Let's get into it ! 

MIC025 Beneath Usual "The Way she goes"
Release date : 02 December 2019

Three new hot originals tracks by Beneath Usual delivering a great mix from some melodic and hypnotic Deep house sound to end with some more Deep Tech to MInimal house vibes. A great combo to end up this fantastic year for Microdrive. 

MIC024 Beneath Usual, Max Cohle, M.A. "Versus"
Release date : 04 November 2019

Microdrive is presenting a new series of releases call 'Versus'. Every few months we will try to bring up a new episode of this serie.
Specially dedicate to some various artist collaboration tracks from all the producer of the label. Enjoy this new ride into the Microdrive sound.

MIC023 M.A " Jetson "
Release date : 18 September 2019

M.A. is back on MIcrodrive after is successful first EP presenting Three new original tracks.
This new talented producer from Switzerland delivering us again a great musical journey.
Specially dedicate to deep and funky minimal groove always surrounded by great hypnotic harmonies.

MIC022 Rob Duke " Sons of Deep "
Release date : 17 July 2019

Rob Duke is back with a brand new fresh EP. Three new original tracks dedicate to the Deep and groovy minimal sound.
Rolling drums, percussion and bass always surrounded by original hypnotic synth will take you on solid ride and a great journey.
As usual watch out for the Duke !

MIC021 Beneath Usual " Slim "
Release date : 12 June 2019

Three new fresh and original tracks by Beneath Usual the label manager of Microdrive. A great Deep, fat and dance floors package to not miss before the summer !

MIC020 M.A. " Intergalactic "
Release date : 15 May 2019

We are very happy and proud to introduce M.A. from Switzerland into the Microdrive family.
This new talented producer delivering us two hot and fresh track dedicate to Deep and groovy sounds. Already with a full sound identity, a great new talented artist to definitely keep an eye on !!

MIC019 Tripio X " craziness "
Release date : 17 April 2019

Tripio X is back one Microdrive for the second time delivering us a special  EP.
Enjoy the ride into the Tripio universe.

MIC018 Max Cohle " Take a loop "
Release date : 06 March 2019

Max Cohle is back with a new solid and fresh EP. Three new slots dedicate to the deep and minimalist pumping groove.

MIC017 Beneath Usual " Klorofil "
Release date : 16 January 2019

Three fresh and original new slot by Beneath usual ! A great journey into a Deep and fat minimalist groove.
The perfect start for this new year 2019.

MIC016 Rob Duke " Memento "
Release date : 10 December 2018

Rob duke is back on Microdrive with three new and original fresh slots !
Deep and hypnotic sound surrounded by fat rolling grooves.
Enjoy the ride.

MIC015 Jamie Ward " Spirit Bomb "
featuring : Beneath Usual remix.
Release date : 07 Novembre 2018

The new Microdrive release is introducing our good friend and artist Jamie Ward also known as the Act Natural records manager.
This EP is fully dedicate to minimalist Deep House sound featuring two original slots and a remix by Beneath Usual.
A great cruise into deep fat groove and melodic chords, enjoy the ride.

MIC014 Sound Process & Andrew McDonnell
Release date : 10 October 2018

Microdrive is happy and pride to welcome Juan Goya (Argentina) and Andrew McDonnell (Canada) for this new release. They delivering us 3 fresh original slot dedicate to deep minimalistic and melodic house music surrounded by great drums and percussions grooves !!  

MIC013 Beneath Usual & Max Cohle
"It's that simple"
Release date : 10 September 2018

Beneath Usual & Max Cohle are back on Microdrive with a special collaboration EP, featuring two hot and originals fresh slot !

MIC012 Beneath Usual "Synth Axe"
feat Lucio Agustin remix 
Release date : 21 June 2018

Beneath Usual is back on Microdrive with two new original fresh slot and a great remix from is South American partner Lucio Agustin. Definitely a classic release for or all the modern deep and minimalistic house lovers.

MIC011 Max Cohle "Joker Face"  
Release date : 01 May 2018

Max Cohle is back on the grid with three new fresh cuts for the Microdrive number 11.
This release is totally dedicate to some fat and pumping rhythms surrounded by organic jumpy sounds and fat rolling bass line. An Ep to no miss for all the minimalist house lovers.

MIC010 Beneath UsualRob Duke  
"That's it"  
Release date : 12 March 2018

Microdrive is happy to introduce this new collaboration in between Beneath Usual & Rob Duke.
This is two fresh and original tracks made in full jam session. 
You can really feel both identity and groove in this two different new slot.
Alway trying to push forward new ideas and inspiration, a great ride into a deep and hypnotic grooving journey.

MIC009 Rob Duke & Max Cohle  
"restricted area"  
Release date : 07 February 2018

Max Cohle & Rob Duke are back with some new exclusive collaboration on Microdrive.

Three new original cuts full of fat rollings grooves and fresh atmospheric sound. Enjoy the ride.

MIC008 Lucio Agustin "Libertad"  
Release date : 03 January 2018

Microdrive is proud to introduce our well know friend and artist Lucio Agustin. This new EP is dedicate to Deep Minimalist house music with two fresh original cuts from Lucio Augustin including a remix by Beneath Usual. This will sign the beginning of some future great collaboration on Microdrive. 

MIC007 Beneath Usual "Elements"  
Release date : 01 December 2017

Microdive new Ep is here ! Three fresh cuts of dubby minimalist tech house which will slot into many sets.
A great new journey into the deep and versatile universe of Beneath Usual.

MIC006 Rob Duke "Graffiti"  
Release date : 15 November 2017

Rob Duke is back with three new fresh original cuts. Some Deep and atmospheric tracks surrounded by fat and tight groove which will slot into many sets. Enjoy the ride.

MIC005 Max Cohle "Liquid luck"  
Release date : 11 October 2017

Max Cohle is back on Microdrive after is successful release with Rob Duke (MIC002) for a totally solo Ep. Three new original tracks specially design for a large audience of underground House music lovers. The perfect combo of grooving tools for some tasty ride.

MIC004 Tripio X "Primate"  
Release date : 20 September 2017

Microdrive new release is here. Introducing our great Bulgarian friend and artist Tripio X also the manager of Tagged music. Al-ready well established artist on the scene is delivering us three great fresh and power full new original track totally dedicate to the dance floors with always a subtile original touch surrounded by dynamic fatness ! 

MIC003 Hollowgram "Looney tunes"  
Release date : 23 August 2017

Microdrive is welcoming a new Bulgarian talented artist call Hollowgram aka Boyan Stavrev. His music is definitely oriented to a Deep Tech sound surrounded by hypnotic melody and fat bass line ! 

MIC002 Rob Duke & Max Cohle "Body talk"  
Release date : 26 July 2017

Microdrive is happy and proud to present his second release with two great artist such as Rob Duke & Max Cohle. They will take you on deep and groovy journey surrounded by peculiar atmosphere. The perfect result of the perfect collaboration.

MIC001 Beneath Usual "My vinyl on digital"  
Release date : 21 June 2017

Microdrive sign is first release with a talented and already well established artist Beneath Usual. He offer us for this first EP a great selection from is greatest vinyl hit who were awaiting for long time on digital.

This is the start of a great music story with so much more to come soon.

MIC042 Beneath Usual & Max Cohle  "Renouveau"
Release date : 09 August 2021

The french duo Beneath Usual and Max Cohle is back on Microdrive. Two hot new fresh tracks dedicate to Deep hypnotic melodies and fat rolling groove !! The perfect cocktail for the summer !!